Best Friends Compete In Special Olympics Together


We’d like to introduce you to Garrett and Lorenzo – two best friends that will be competing in the Special Olympics. Garrett (on the left) was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old. When Garrett was a baby, the expectations of what his family should expect of his cognitive and social capabilities would be extremely limited.


CAUSE UPDATE:  It is our honor to work alongside such a great group, and a privilege to help our wonderful local athletes compete alongside each other. We couldn't of done this without the help of our customers. Thank you to: Susan Sobhi, Brenda Davila, Sylvia Lozano, Dana Shannon, Vicki Smith, Richard Pruitt, Samantha Balcom, Alana Clark, David Barron, Rosanda Clifton, Rajesh Dalal, Cari Clark, Irma Erfurt, Charles Talbert, Rick Powell, Josh Gordon, Steven Woods, Dwight Vahle, Joanne Smith, William Edwards, Stephen Powell, Walt Temshiv, Timothy Mickelson, Dawn Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Gregory Wedding, Aymie Thorton, Kelley Corbitt, Naveen Mahadevappa, Steve Brown, Robert Wren, Robert Wyatt, Janet Thrash, Virginia Padilla, George Lampkin, Kelley Corbitt, Christen Lund, Linda Koncak, Maria Gutierrez, Chad Vanrachack, Terri Walker, Alicia St. Cyr, Tony Castro, Patrick Carlisle, Terry Hiefner, Vicki Smith, Ashlee Balderas, Janet Thrash, Wiliam Collins, Cristian Lund, Steve Brown, Robert Wren, Robert Wyatt, Kevin Krejsa, Diane Compton, Tate Lindsey, Kim Barker, Gary Fisher, Jamie Champion, Teresa Wilkerson, Aymie Thorton, Catherine Yates, Michael Haskins, Scott Flowers, Jay Smith, Sharon Stone, Shirley Mattei, Norma Duane, Eric Whitney, Ashlee Balderas, Tiffany Jenkins!

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Lorenzo was diagnosed with the same Special Need requirements, but his therapies and social opportunities were limited due to financial circumstances. The Special Olympics has changed their lives, increased their confidence and improved the quality of their life. This organization has taught them to have courage and allowed the boys to make lifelong extended family members.

We’re on a mission to sponsor these two best friends so they can compete in the Special Olympics together. Can we make a donation in your name to help bring their dreams to life?


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