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Auto Insurance

It is against the law to drive without auto insurance in many states. Some states, like Wisconsin, have less stringent “proof of financial responsibility” laws. So, if not mandatory, it is at least smart to acquire, at the minimum, auto liability insurance. Liability and collision insurance covers you in the event of an accident. Your insurance company will either pay to repair the damage to your car and/or the other partys, or replace the vehicle(s) if totaled up to the limits of the policy you purchased.

In your policy information, on the declarations page, you can find everything you need to know about your coverage details. Here you are fully informed about the kind of coverage youve purchased, its payout limits, your deductible(s) and other helpful information.

For all intents and purposes there are two varieties of auto insurance. The first, liability, is for coverage of a person who might be at fault and normally puts him or her in compliance with a state’s minimum requirements to legally operate a vehicle. The second type is comprehensive/collision insurance and it provides additional coverage, such as replacing a car, regardless of fault, and for reimbursement for personal items lost by either being damaged or stolen.

There are always options to increase your various coverages and limits should you so desire. By paying more, you can receive the peace of mind of extra protection. Many companies offer medical coverage as well, which helps by reimbursing you for hospital expenses that might occur. And, often quite convenient, is rental car insurance. It is there to help with the provision of temporary transportation should you car be under repair.

With car insurance you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for damage to your car. It covers damage beyond collisions and even lost wages can be recovered depending on the policy. It can cover damages caused by you to the other drivers property and provides you with protection even while traveling in another state. Very importantly, if you are sued as a result of an accident, you are protected by your policy.

Often companies offer perks or incentives to keep or acquire more customers. It is not uncommon to come upon a benefit such as the lowering or elimination of deductibles if not involved in any accidents over time. Safe drivers, for example, are given discounts and, in some states, it is mandated.
Give us a call if you require any help in navigating through the many details of potential policy coverage. We will gladly help you to find the right insurance policy that fits your lifestyle and stays within your budget