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Cancer Insurance

The scariest sentence that anyone might hear is “you have cancer.” Unfortunately these are words more increasingly spoken as more and more are diagnosed. In the event of such a life challenge as this, there are innumerable unexpected medical expenses that ones normal medical insurance may not cover. Cancer insurance is usually offered as a voluntary policy through an employer’s health insurance company. At times it can even be a part of an employers overall healthcare package.

Cancer policies generally come in two categories. Some offer lump sum payment at the point of diagnosis while others are paid out over a period time during treatment. With the multiple payments there is an eventual termination after a certain period of time.

This insurance can cover out-of-pocket treatment costs, any travel involved to and from treatment facilities and even care in home.

Those who have a family history of cancer illness or those who might be at risk due to environmental reasons, should certainly enquire with their employer about this insurance coverage option. Note that if one has already had an incidence of cancer in their past, he or she will most likely not be eligible for this coverage.