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Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle can bring great pleasure and sheer joy to a rider when all is proceeding smoothly in life. However, when the unexpected occurs the consequences can be terrifying. All two-wheeled vehicles by nature run in a straight line and wheels require traction. Contact with the surface can be lost instantaneously even under normal conditions. If there is a slick surface due to oil, or sand, gravel, or water, let alone the errant woman texting on a cell while applying mascara or a deer darting out onto the roadway, the riders world can be turned upside down in a flash of time. Going head first over handlebars at high speed means a very hard landing and potentially catastrophic consequences for the individual.

On top of everything else, a motorcycle is composed of conductive metal with an electrical system that all can attract lightning in a storm. The same storm can drop golf ball sized hailstones, striking riders and destroying a motorcycles in a blink of the eye. Wind poses another large risk, especially in stormy conditions in which the road is slick. A motorcycle rider is a prime candidate for the protection offered by insurance.

Some enthusiast motorcycle riders choose off-road riding and are perhaps a bit complacent in thinking they might be immune from many of the aforementioned hazards. Nothing could be further from the truth as these kinds of riders will also need good recreational vehicle insurance coverage to fully protect their dirt bikes and themselves from sudden mishaps endemic to the off-road experience.