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Helping a mother of two get back on her feet after tragedy strikes

Can we make a donation in your name to help a single mother of two get back on her feet after husband’s passing?

CAUSE UPDATE: Thanks to you, our wonderful customers and friends, we were able to raise $540 for Christina and her family. We appreciate your help so much!

June 7th is a date that will always be remembered by Christina Upchurch and her two young children. While Christina and her kids were out of town, Brett tragically passed away. Due to special circumstances, their home where Brett was found, was considered a total loss. All of the family’s belongings had to be tossed away, leaving the small family with no clothing, toys, beds and more.

In addition to the emotional burden this has placed on the young family, the financial pressure is making their transition even more difficult. “I am a mother myself, and I don’t know how I would be able to cope if placed in the same situation as Christina. She and her family need more support now than ever, and it’s only right that we all come together to lend a helping hand,” said Maria Golseth after hearing the story from one of the agency’s staff members, AmyKaye.
Can we make a donation in your name to help the Upchurch family get back on their feet?


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